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Events will be posted here and on various connected social networks as they come up. Live performances are not currently a priority, but are always fun.

Please contact me to schedule an event

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How does Thematix play events? Joel Reinke plays live as a producer / guitarist. The current configuration is all hardware based: no computers. Joel is contemplating changing over to using a computer live + guitar, but still enjoys the experience of doing it all with guitar, keyboards, effects units, hardware samplers, a microphone, and some other items. The appeal of moving to computer + guitar would be shearly for "If more quality music can be made, with less concern with managing gear and more time for improving the end result, then its a natural choice. The new version of Reason, provides more live tools so it may be worth the switch. Still working on this possibility." Why working with all hardware is still the mode: "Dedicated Tactile Controllers - Each device has a wealth of controllers and a lot of time was put into marrying up the hardware with the sound-generators inside them. For computer software you have the option of many different USB controllers but they can either be rather generic at first or perfectly tuned to the program, but that can take a lot of set up to get right. There's trade-offs to each, but with the right set up either can be great."